About Payment

Last Updated: February 05, 2016

i)Temporarily, we accept PayPal only.

Q:) What is PayPal?

A:) PayPal is an account-based system that lets anyone with an email address securely send and receive online payments using their credit card or bank account.

Please visit PayPal's official website for detailed information.

Q:) How can I start using PayPal to pay for kawamono.com orders?

A:) You will need to first open an account with PayPal. PayPal accepts payment in either money transfer or credit card payment.

Please visit PayPal's official website for detail information on how to create an account and make payments.

Q:) Why am I asked to become a verified PayPal user?

A:) Becoming a verified PayPal user helps reduce the risk of fraudulent use of your PayPal account, and speeds up payment verification. Your orders will be processed more quickly and safely if you become a verified PayPal user.

Q:) Can I use eCheck PayPal payments?

A:) Customers may choose to send Instant Payment or eCheck payments through PayPal. Orders paid via eCheck will only be approved for processing once the payment is cleared by PayPal. You may check your PayPal account for the specific clearing date. Orders paid in this manner will be held until payment has been confirmed.

Q:) Who is responsible for paying any PayPal handling fees for payment and refund processing?

A:) Kawamono.com will bear PayPal handling fees for customer orders or refunds. However, PayPal may charge customers a handling fee if they choose to transfer money from their PayPal account to their bank account. Please visit the PayPal website for specific details.

Q:) What is Bill Me Later (BML) by PayPal ™?

A:) Bill Me Later is a funding source option offered by paypal.com. This allows customers to purchase now and pay later through their personal PayPal accounts.

Q:) Who can use the Bill Me Later payment through PayPal™?

A:) Any customers residing in US who owns a US paypal registered account can apply for this payment option through www.paypal.com.

Q:) How can I apply for Bill Me Later through PayPal ™?

A:) Select paypal as your payment method. Once logged in under your paypal account, simply choose Bill Me Later as the funding source. You will be asked to provide your date of birth, the last 4 digits of your social security number and accept the terms. You may then start using Bill Me Later for your purchases.

Q:) Since I can pay later for my purchase, does that mean that I will not be billed for my Kawamono order until I receive the shipment?

A:) When using Paypal's Bill Me Later payment option, we will be receiving the payment immediately from Paypal. Customers needs to pay paypal.com for their purchases depending on Paypal's terms and conditions when using Bill Me Later feature. Thus, you may check with Paypal for further information.

Q:) How will I be billed for my purchase?

A:) You need to log into your Paypal account to set up your scheduled payments. Visit Paypal's BILL ME LATER page for more details.

Q:) Is there a difference in order processing when paying by usual Paypal funding options and by Paypal Bill Me Later?

A:) No. There is no difference in the payment verification and order processing for all Paypal payments. Bill Me Later is mainly just an option for the funding source of your Paypal payments.

ii)Payment currencies

Q:) What payment currencies do you offer?

A:) Temporarily, the available currencies and corresponding payment methods are listed below.

CurrenciesPayment Methods